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2022 Roche Harbor Resort - August

A message from your BYC Fleet Captain:


It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the year, and the good news is that we still have some of our best cruises ahead of us! July brings an opportunity to cruise to Port Townsend and the beautiful Point Hudson Marina. This year, BYC is partnering with the Northwest Maritime Center where we’ll enjoy a tour of their facilities, and we’ll get to benefit from a custom boater education class. Even if you’re not a BYC member, consider joining us as a guest and you’re eligible to participate in the NWMC activities along with us!


In August, we’ll continue our tradition of visiting Roche Harbor Resort & Marina. For well over 25 years the Bellevue Yacht Club has enjoyed visiting Roche Harbor where there is no limit to the activities one can enjoy in the marina and beyond. Swimming, hiking, kayaking, crabbing, fishing, shopping, delicious restaurants, visiting the spa – PLUS the fun activities that our hosts have lined up will make it a cruise to remember.


September will bring a return to Andrews Bay and a BYC Wagon Wheel / Tie-up. We’ll take advantage of the late summer warm weather and enjoy anchoring, swimming, and hanging out with our BYC friends.


We have lots in store for BYC for the second half of the year, so if you’re a BYC member, please register or host an upcoming cruise, if you’re a guest or a prospective member, join us on a cruise or for an upcoming dock party and see what BYC is all about.


See you on the water!


Sandy Dupleich, M/V Sea Bear
Fleet Captain, Bellevue Yacht Club